Do I need to keep opened jars and cans in the refrigerator?

All products vary! For unopened products, it is best to refer to the "Best By Use" date that is stamped on the product packaging. Opened products should typically be refrigerated and kept no longer than 3-5 days after opening. However, since Reese products are so delicious, we doubt they will be staying in the fridge that long!

What is the shelf life of your product and how do I know if a can or jar is spoiled?

Shelf life for different products will vary. Reese takes pride in having delicious products and always encourages consumers to look for the “Best By Use” date on all packaging to ensure the best quality! Products that are canned or jarred can be stored safely for up to two years. If there is no sign of a broken seal, expansion of the packaging or any other physical damages, the product can be consumed. However, flavor can be altered if stored too long in certain conditions, so trust your palate if something doesn’t taste right!

How do you read the expiration date on your package?

On most Reese products you can find the expiration date, or “Best By Use” date, stamped conveniently at the top of the products packaging.

What should I do if my local retailer does not carry the Reese item I want to purchase?

We don't want you to be deprived of Reese's quality products! Always ask the store manager if the product(s) you are looking for is available on special order through their specialty distributor, or, if you don't have luck there, we have made it easy to

Are any of your products Kosher?

Yes! Many Reese products are Kosher. We have made those products easy to spot by putting a Kosher symbol on the label.

Are you offering any coupons at this time?

Who doesn't love a good coupon? Head over to our "Promotions" page on our website to see what our current offerings are for coupons and other great promotional activities.

Are any of your products Gluten free?

At the moment, Reese’s facility is not certified Gluten Free – we’re working on it! For any allergy concerns or diet restrictions, be sure to read the ingredients on the nutrition label.

How do I determine which size artichoke to use?

Since Reese has such a wide variety of Artichoke products, it can seem overwhelming on which size to choose! Don’t worry – there is no “right” or “wrong” size; it’s all about your preference. Each label will include size and count information so you, our consumer, will know exactly what to expect when you get into the kitchen! If you are using one of our own delicious recipes, a recommended size should be included in the ingredients list.

Do you use any peanuts or tree nuts in your facilities?

Reese has a wide variety of products that use quality ingredients, but allergies are something we do take into consideration when it comes to your cooking needs! We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding potential food allergies at

Are your seafood products farm-raised or wild-caught?

From anchovies all the way to mussels, Reese has quite the variety of seafood options! Whether our product is farm-raised or wild-caught, it will be plainly stated right on the label for your convenience. Whatever your seafood preference may be, you know it will be to the Reese quality standard.

Where can I look for job openings?

We're thrilled you are interested in working with Reese! You can email human resources at: for any inquires about employment.