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Capote Capers
Net Weight: 3.50 OZ
UPC: 070670006763
Reese Capote Capers are a bigger variety than our Non-Pareil Capers that pack more of a flavorful punch. They can be served in martinis in lieu of olives or included in your favorite pasta salad.
Non Pareil Capers
Net Weight: 3.50 OZ
UPC: 070670000013
Capers are slightly tart herb buds – add a burst of flavor to pasta, pizza, fish, sauces and salads. Give your favorite foods an extra zing with Reese Non-Pareil Capers!
Non Pareil Capers w/ Balsamic
Net Weight: 3.50 OZ
UPC: 070670000020
Reese Non-Pareil Capers in Balsamic Vinegar are the finest quality pickled capers you can buy. They are pre-marinated for quick use when making a salad or for use in Italian dishes.
Salted Capers
Net Weight: 2.82 OZ
UPC: 070670000037

Packed in sea salt, salted capers offer a fresher flavor and aroma than the traditional brined caper. Made with the smallest and most desirable caper, non-pareil. The perfect addition to fish or chicken, in a salad, sauce, or pizza…the possibilities are endless!

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