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Large Smoked Oysters
Net Weight: 3.70 OZ
UPC: 070670005766
Reese ASC Certified Large Smoked Oysters are great for adding to a seafood stir-fry. Their large size adds a perfect texture for any oyster lover.
Medium Smoked Oysters
Net Weight: 3.70 OZ
UPC: 070670006008
Reese Medium Smoked Oysters are ideal for cooking. They are ASC Certified, and their smaller size allows for quicker cooking and the texture will not overpower the rest of the dish.
Petite Smoked Oysters
Net Weight: 3.70 OZ
UPC: 070670005759
Reese ASC Certified Petite Smoked Oysters are a great addition to your favorite seafood stew or pasta dish. Their small size allows for them to be easily deep fried for a delicious crunch.

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