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Instant Granulated Tapioca
Net Weight: 8.00 OZ
UPC: 070670009559
Reese Instant Granulated Tapioca is the ideal cooking tapioca for when you are in a rush. As the small pearls need to soak overnight, the granulated variety can be cooked within an hour.
Large Pearl Tapioca
Net Weight: 7.00 OZ
UPC: 070670004011
Reese Large Pearl Tapioca is ideal for adding to hot and cold beverages as the pearls keep their size and provide a chewy contrast to the drink. Used in drinks such as bubble tea, fruit slush or shaved ice.
Small Pearl Tapioca
Net Weight: 8.00 OZ
UPC: 070670004004
Reese Small Pearl Tapioca is ideal for making puddings as the smaller beads dissolve quickly and evenly.

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